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  • West Highland White Terrier Society of Connecticut Rescue
    Committed to assisting every West Highland White Terrier in need of a home. Features code of ethics, events, articles and membership details.
  • Westie ReHoming
    Committed to ensuring that all Westies in need receive the care most appropriate to their circumstances, and to raise awareness of West Highland White Terrier welfare.
  • Westie Rescue of Orange County and Beyond
    Charitable corporation with a mission to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for West Highland White Terriers and to provide the public with education about the breed. California, United States.
  • Westie Rescue of America
    Official National Westie Rescue - nationally recognized and sanctioned by the West Highland White Terrier Club of America.
  • Westie Rescue of Northern California
    Finding homes for surrendered, and abandoned West Highland White Terriers.