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  • Our Pack, Inc.
    San Francisco pit bull rescue that temperament tests and provides basic obedience training during fostering. Adopters receive free lifetime training support. Lists adoptable dogs, articles on breed characteristics and responsible ownership. Volunteer opportunities. Donations. Resource page. Cafe Press store.
  • Bless the Bullys: Pit Bull and AmStaff Haven
    Tennessee pit bull rescue with additional emphasis on advocacy against breed specific legislation. Lists adoptable dogs, adoption application, picture gallery of successful adoptions. Articles on breed specific legislation, breed characteristics and advice to owners.
  • Bullie Buddies of Las Vegas
    Pit bull rescue promoting responsible ownership. Offers "owner foster" program for persons needing to re-home their dog. Informational articles on dog fighting, breed specific legislation and other issues related to pit bull ownership.
  • American Pit Bull Terrier Rescue
    Rescue specializing in pit bull type dogs, but also accepts other breeds and cats. Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Petfinder list of adoptable dogs, how to adopt and pictures of adopted pets.
  • Ring Dog Rescue
    Rescues and places adoptable bull breed dogs with responsible owners. Based in Richmond, VA. Site lists adoptable dogs, outlines adoption process, how to become a foster, basic breed info and links to sites of interest.