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  • Dirt-Dog
    Information on activities for Jack Russell Terriers such as Earthdog, lure coursing and racing.
  • The Marvelous Marcus Plank Road Pages
    A noncommercial, interactive gathering place for Jack Russell Terrier owners and enthusiasts.
  • THIDALIUM Jack Russell Terrier
    THIDALIUM breeding Jack Russell Terrier from 2003, I breed Great Dane from 1999. I have small breeding, I just have only 5-10 dogs in my breeding, my dogs and of course puppy life with us in home and they are member of family. They have big garden for play and every day go walk to wood, because we life close to big wood. They have good temperament and behavior, they are working dogs and show dogs.
    THIDALIUM dog’s receive many title on shows in different country, like: EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER, EUROPEAN WINNER, VICE WORLD DOG WINNER,
    On this time we have litter W from excellent parents. Father is MULTICHAMPION, INTERCHAMPION, Champion of Poland, Eurasia Winner, European Junior Winner HIDALGO-HALCON Thidalium (Macho) and mother Polish Champion Beaconway SUMMER WIND.
    Son’s of this par from litter J and P are adult now and they have many success on shows. JUNIOR-JLLAPMPU Thidalium is European Winner 2011, Interchampion, Grand Champion, JUPITER-JARL Thidalium is Multichampion, Interchampion, Champion of Italy.
    Litter W was born on 11.10.2011 and we have 3 girls and 2 boys.
    If You want see and know more about THIDALIUM breeding I invite You to my web www.thidalium.com
    or email contact thidalium@gmail.com or phone number +48604559882
    I have experience of breeding and THIDALIUM dogs life on all world and have success on shows. I have experience on shipping puppy and frozen semen of my stud dogs.
    If You need frozen or cold semen of my HIDALGO-HALCON Thidalium or PRYMUS-PAMIR-PICASSO Thidalium contact with me and I tell You details.
    I shipping frozen semen to Canada, Sweden.
  • Hutch's Jack Russell Terriers
    General breed information on the Jack Russell Terrier and activities such as agility.